Abortion Rights
Objective; My goal is not to force my beliefs on anyone, but to put my point across. I do not believe that the government should take away a woman's right to her own body, it should be the woman's decision entirely.

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Entry #1

I chose to blog about abortion rights because it shows how sexism is still apparent in the world. Women are given many double-standards, one being about women who have either had a child or had an abortion. If a woman decides to get an abortion she is deemed irresponsible and even a murderer, but if she keeps the baby while trying to work and educate herself to give the baby a better life, she is considered a bad mother. Abortions are defined as a terminated pregnancy. There are two methods that are legal and safe for abortions: there is an abortion pill, and a surgical procedure to remove the fetus from the womb. If the mother does not want to keep the pregnancy then it is possible she will find an alternate method to end the pregnancy such as overdosing on drugs or punching her stomach that could also be threatening to the mother.
I do not promote abortions being used as birth control, but more as a personal decision for women who do not consider adoption as something they would want, and do not think it is possible for the child to be raised by them.
I am okay with people who are pro-life, but I do not like when people say they are anti-choice. It is one thing to prefer to keep your own pregnancy to term, but it is completely different to say that a woman does not have the right to make her own choices. It is wrong for the government to define what a woman should do with their own bodies. Those against abortions promote adoption, but there is still the pregnancy which the woman will be subjected to ridicule and possible finical and emotional hardships. The woman could also not be taking care of herself by smoking, drinking, or doing drugs which could lead to birth defects. Those seeking to adopt want healthy babies, and those babies who are sick will not get adopted and will be forced into a government-funded orphanage or foster care. I believe a woman has the right to choose what is best for her because it is her body, not the government's.


Entry #2

Article Title: Nebraska Abortion Law: Mental, Physical Screening Required For Women and No Abortion After 20 Weeks

By: Nate Jenkins

Nebraska is the first state to put a regulation on abortions besides the 24-week cutoff for legal abortions effective in most states. This law is a grim look for those pro-choice because it will restrict women who want to make a choice on their bodies. My fear of this law is that the requirements to pass the mental and physical screenings will be too strict for anyone to pass, and also the doctor’s office could also try to postpone the date of the abortion until it is too late for it to be legally done. The standards for the screenings are to see if the woman is in situations that would cause her to have physical or mental problems after she has had the abortion. The screening is to make sure the woman is not being pressured to get an abortion. This new law is most likely going to be challenged in court because it goes against the right of privacy so it is unconstitutional. The law will also ban abortions on pregnancies that are over 20 weeks on the defense the fetuses can feel pain by then. Lawmakers continuously use the word “baby” when in fact it is a fetus until it is delivered when it can then be called a baby. I looked into the Nebraskan Department Of Health care and Heath Services to see if they had a more than vague description of their abortion law. When I looked at the Government website, some of the segments were withheld, but I did find a handbook on pregnancy that took an in-depth time line through the pregnancy before it went on to abortions.
This bill is too vague; there is no precise definition on someone who looks pressured to get an abortion which means that the standards are most likely government defined in order to prevent women on making a choice that is rightly their own.

Sources: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/04/12/nebraska-abortion-law-men_n_534740.html


Entry #3

Margaret’s Story: Why her abortion was the right choice for her:
Picture: http://www.liberalstreetfighter.com/ee/images/uploads/ba_abortion3211.jpg

This woman is just one of the many women in the world who have gotten an abortion for the most common reason, for the sake of her family. Unlike popular belief the most common reason women get abortions is that they are not going to be able to provide for their family they already have. The stereotype is a irresponsible teenager who got “caught up in the moment” or a selfish college student who didn’t want to sacrifice her future. Many girls are set to think that abortions are bad because of social implications and that they could easily give the baby up for adoption. Adoption is heartbreaking because the mother has to see the baby being taken away from her when it is fully developed and she has to know that it will be loved by someone who can provide better for the baby. Adoptions can be left as open, but the openness is only determined by the adoptive parent and it still leaves the mother without her baby for most of the time.
The woman telling her story had her first child taken away from her because her religion forbade abortions as well as birth control. She said that her experience was absolutely terrible and she still misses her firstborn. She eventually had another child when she was stable enough, but she then got pregnant again. In debt already, she decided that keeping the baby was not sensible, but after her adoption experience she decided that was not an option either. Margaret decided to have an abortion so that she can enjoy her child she already has, and she does not regret her decision one bit. She was able to make the right choice for her in her current lifestyle.

Entry# 4 "Pro- Life" Opinions

Since my opinion on the matter is quite apparent, I decided to look onto the other side, the “pro-life” opinion. Most of the websites I researched had a goal of “helping women make an informed decision” when in fact they were providing vulnerable woman with biased information. One website I looked into contained the reasons a teenager would get an abortion and it provided a “God is on your side, everything will work out” solution to every proposed reason. In fact, most teen moms are in poverty and will end up having another baby before they are twenty one years old.
In these websites adoption is being pushed, encouraging moms to give up the babies that they have seen grown during ultrasounds and have carried for over nine months. The websites only include the typical emotional pain that is felt after abortions, but whenever it mentions adoptions there is no mention of the pain the mothers feel when they give away their babies.
A website I visited, a blatant anti-choice publication, had the motto of “people won’t be against abortion until they see abortions” as their justification for the grotesque photo-shopped pictures of little baby hands on quarters.
Most of the anti-choice websites I visited had grotesque pictures, making pregnant women who are most vulnerable feel guilty for even thinking about making their own decision. The websites who claimed to be “pro-life” use arguments such as that life begins at conception, so you are a murder if you have an abortion. I think it is disgusting that people are willing to incriminate women for trying to make their own choices. It is okay to have a different point of view, but causing the feeling of guilt and disgusting the general public as well as vulnerable women is not the appropriate way to do so.




Entry #5
Alert: Anti-Abortion “Clinics” external image HelpCenters.jpg

These health centers are not places providing abortions, but providing more guilt. These places are listed as "abortion alternatives" and will not give you a abortion or even a referral. The person on the phone will always be vague; they want you to come in, so they can force their beliefs onto you, the one who has to make the ultimate decision. If you get suckered into one of these clinics you will be surrounded by grotesque photos, otherwise known as anti-choice propaganda. The pregnancy centers will purposely give the women false information on whether they are pregnant or not, how far along the fetus is in gestation, as well as no adequate information of birth control besides abstinence. The major problem of all of this is that it make the women feel so hopeless, they feel like they have nowhere else to turn besides this “help center”. The center will provide the woman with health services, prenatal care, maternity care, and of course plenty of adoption resources. The websites of centers do not go in very much detail; most of them saying “we are non-judgmental”, but when it comes to the “considering abortion” section it has a lot to say. The whole section is dedicated to the possible complications of abortion and one website even said “Since abortions have been performed, the rate of breast cancer has gone up”! Not only is that meant as a scare tactic to women who are seeking an abortion but it is a nonspecific statement that has no way of proving that abortions cause breast cancer. If misinformation and a good guilt trip is what you are yearning for, be sure to head to a pregnancy crisis center!

- http://abbapregnancy.org/
- http://www.abortionfacts.com/literature/literature_928YC.asp
- http://www.birthright.org/
- http://thecrisispregnancycenterct.org/

Entry # 6
Extreme Circumstances
Most people, who are against abortions will be okay with the abortion if it is because of an extreme circumstance. An example of this sort is; rape, incest, bad health conditions, risk of the fetus’s health, or risk of the mother’s health. These situations are tragic, but should not be the only reason that an abortion is justified. If abortion was only legal in these circumstances there is still the apparent issue that women cannot make a choice for their own body unless it is a pressing matter.
Women who are raped and treated at the hospital can be given a rape kit which contains emergency contraception. This would prevent a pregnancy from occurring, and therefore is not considered an abortion. If the woman is treated immediately, fertilization would have not occurred yet and there is no controversy to most. Most women who are raped are not treated instantly, so there is a possible that an egg was fertilized. The emergency contraception will stop the fertilized egg from attaching to the uterine wall; this is when conception is determined. The pill is controversial because the definition of life is differs from person to person. Some believe that life begins at conception, which is why some frown upon using emergency contraception as well as abortion. Emergency contraception is not to be confused with the abortion pill, RU-486 which will terminate an existing pregnancy, unlike emergency contraception.
Abortion being restricted to emergency situations might cause some women in desperation to lie about being raped. The websites that are against any sort of abortions advocate the phrase “do not make your baby suffer too” and they undoubtedly encourage adoption. Adoption is a plausible option, but it may cause more problems for the mother carrying a baby conceived by raped for almost ten months, and then seeing the live baby being born and taken away from them.
In my opinion life starts at birth, a baby in the womb has not lived or even has seen the outside world yet, and as long as the baby has not developed enough to feel pain, terminating the pregnancy is ethical.

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Entry #7
Self-Induced Abortions
Some women who were not able to find a clinic that provided abortions, felt like they needed to take matters in their own hands. Sometimes called back alley or back street abortions, these abortions not only will terminate the fetus, but will most likely kill the mothers as well. These abortions are done by various methods of coat hangers, hammers, poison, or other objects that are dangerous. This type of abortion is illegal, and will most certainly lead to mother fatality every time. I am appalled that these women still have to feel hopeless and that this illegal abortion seems like their only option. I think that if there were more abortion clinics available, especially in areas of low income that illegal abortion would be greatly reduced. Statistically, most that perform the illegal abortions are those who are too poor to afford a legal and safe option. Most women who have unintended pregnancies are in poverty, so not only are they unlikely to be able to afford contraception, but also abortions. I do not think that the high cost of abortions and the income level of most women seeking an abortion is just a coincidence; I believe that the high cost is to reduce the number of abortions so that women who cannot afford them will have to turn to other options. If abortions were made more affordable, illegal abortions would become less common. Sources: http://realchoice.0catch.com/library/deaths/bl78proe.htm
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Entry #8
Birth Control First, Abortions Last Resort
During this whole blog I have advocated how vital it is for women to have the choice to get an abortion. I am a firm believer that women should be able to make this choice, but I think contraceptive education is also extremely important. Most unplanned pregnancies are the result of lack of birth control, either because of the lack of availability of it or the lack of education on it. Birth control pills are very expensive, especially if you do not have health insurance. The pills can cost up to $50 a month, which is an expense some cannot afford. Condoms can also be effective for birth control, but it is recommended that they are used in addition with birth control pills. Lack of education on birth control is also a major cause of unwanted pregnancies. Some schools provide abstinence-only education in their schools. This method has been proven ineffective because it gives teenagers the wrong facts. The educators of abstinence-only education will provide no information or false information about birth control which will not stop teenagers from having sexual intercourse, but will not give teenagers adequate information about birth control which will lead in unwanted pregnancies. If birth control was made more accessible to women will be a big step in preventing unwanted pregnancies, and making good decisions about their bodies. The whole point of abortion rights is about choice, it is not all about encouraging women to terminate their pregnancy or keep it to term. If we were to make abortion rights or even reproductive rights a more open issue, instead of just pushing it under the rug, more women will be informed on their options and there will be less panic and more correct information.


My Plan Of Action: Even though I believe abortions are ethical, I think prevention should always come first. In some states, luckily not New York ,it is legal for pharmacists to refuse medication such as emergency contraception and birth control if it is against their beliefs. In NY however pharmacists are only obligated to give women Emergency Contraception if they have a physician's prescription, and they do not need to have it in stock even if other birth control is in stock:

New York State Congress

Committee: Reproductive Rights
Principal Author: Katelyn Richburg
Bill No:

Title of Bill: Contraception Freedom Act
Be It Enacted By The NYS Congress

Preamble: Whereas in New York State, Pharmacies are not required to dispense emergency contraception without a physician’s prescription and

Whereas emergency contraception is not required to be stocked in a pharmacy, even if other contraceptives are in stock.

Section One: Let those over the age of seventeen in need for emergency contraception be able to access it without a doctor’s prescription

Section Two: Let all pharmacies have the requirement that emergency contraception and other contraception be stocked in the pharmacy.

Subsection A: All NYS pharmacies will be required to keep a current stock equal to one months quantity as measured by the last three years of previous sales and requests for such substances.
Subsection B: All requests for such medication will be documented with a copy to be maintained at the pharmacy, and a second copy being submitted with insurance forms.
Subsection C: The medication Plan B will be mandated to be in stock and available upon request to women over the age of seventeen
Subsection D: All other emergency contraception medication, those that are already created and those that will become obtainable in the future must be supplied in every NYS pharmacy.