My goal for this project is to learn more about the mistreatment of circus animals. I know a little about it, but I want to know more. I want to be able to stop the mistreatment of circus animals.

1. I Believe...

My topic is circus animals being mistreated. Circus animals are abused and it's not right. I hate how how these animals are treated and I think it's terrible. It makes me so mad to hear about the treatment of the animals. They live in tiny cages, don't get the proper amount of food and water, and are hurt every day, just for the sake of entertainment for people. It's not right and it makes me sick to hear about this. I chose this topic because I feel so bad for these animals. They don't deserve this. I know a little bit about this topic, but I want to learn more about it. I think that this cruelty should stop. There is no cruel and unusual punishment for people in the U.S. Why should there be this kind of punishment for animals? And they didn't do anything wrong in the first place. The way that these animals are treated is wrong and it needs to be stopped imediately. The animals should not be treated this way. I can't stand it. It is horrible. I want to learn more about the abuse of circus animals so I can help prevent it from happening anymore. I love animals and i don't think that they should be abused.

2. The Living Conditions of the Animals

The animals have to eat, sleep, and even have to go to the bathroom in the same place. the elephants have their feet chained for a long time. The baby elephants are taken from their mothers too early and they are tied with ropes. They end up getting rope burn. The animals are exposed to extreme temperatures. They are put in extreme hot and cold conditions. They are sometimes underfed so they can do the ideal performance. There is a lot of disease among the animals and there are not a lot of veterinarians that know how to treat exotic animals. The animals don't have very good veterinary care. The animals can’t be in their natural habitats where they should be. They are cramped in small places and have to travel like that. I hate to think about how these animals have to live. It is a terrible way to treat animals. They don’t deserve to be treated that way. It is wrong and I don’t believe in it. It shouldn’t be like that. People have to treat animals like that for the sake of entertainment? I don’t think so. It’s a horrible way to treat animals like that. They should be able to live in their natural habitats.
external image Lotabarn.jpg
external image Lotabarn.jpg

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3. Torture Techniques

There are many ways that circus animals are tortured. The trainers use bull hooks, sticks, whips, electric prods, and other tools that can cause pain to the animals. They use these objects to get the animals to perform. It is very wrong and should not be done. What would these people think if they were getting tortured everyday just for the sake of entertainment? Elephants are beaten, big cats are dragged by their necks by big heavy chains, bears are hit with long poles, and chimpanzees are kicked and hit with riding crops. It is disgusting to hear about. I can’t stand what is happening to these innocent animals. Why do people think that they can do this to them? Animals should be in their natural habitats. They shouldn’t be in cramped spaces, tied up with chains, and beaten. It’s wrong. It’s hard for me to think about this happening to animals. I don’t understand why anyone would want to do this to a living thing. There are so many circuses that use animal cruelty techniques to make animals perform. I don’t like it and I certainly don’t agree with it. It is a very bad thing and it needs to be stopped. No animal should be tortured.

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4. Animal Welfare Act

The Animal Welfare Act doesn’t only protect animals in the circus, but from many other places too, such as zoos, puppy mills, dog and cat breeders, and many more. There are some problems with this act though. The minimum standard for the cages are only big enough for the animals to turn around. It also says that sticks with hooks are allowed to be used with elephants. That is definitely not a good thing. It still is hurting the animals. It is not right. The act should be changed so the animals shouldn’t be hurt at all. If these people only knew what these animals have to go through, maybe things would change. If they felt what kind of pain that the animals endure, things would probably change. It’s not right what the circus animals have to go through and put up with. They are tortured every day, and that is just wrong. I think that this law needs to be changed so that the animals are protected, and so they don’t have to go through that torture. I can’t stand hearing about how these animals are being treated by people for the sake of entertainment. I hate it. They should not have to go through it. It needs to change.
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5. Ways to Stop Circus Animal Cruelty

There are different ways to stop circus animal cruelty. For one, don’t go to the circus. Only go if there are no animals performing. You should also report the abuse, talk to kids about why the circus is so bad, and fight for the government to make the laws that protect the animals. These can help. I think these are good ideas. If there are a lot of people not going to the circus because of animal cruelty, then the trainers will get the picture that no one wants animals to be abused. They will be losing money. Also, if kids learn about how the circus trainers and how they hurt the animals, they will understand why the circus is so bad. They will understand why people don’t want to go. The laws should be stricter. The government should create laws to protect circus animals from being abused. Going through torture your whole life isn’t living. It is not right to put those animals through torture.

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6. Animal Rights Organizations

There are many animal rights organizations to stop the abuse of circus animals and all animals. Some are ASPCA, Animal Aid (which is in the UK), and Animal Equality. These groups are trying to stop animal abuse. They try hard and they put out different petitions and they have movements and campaigns to stop this abuse. It is very important to me what they do to stop animal abuse. I hate to think about how circus animals are treated. These people want the abuse to stop too. It’s important to me and to these groups. It is a good thing for these organizations to try and stop circus animal cruelty. There are many petitions to stop this violence that people can sign. It is very important to me that the abuse stops. It is heartbreaking to hear and see what is happening to circus animals. It is wrong to put them through what they have to go through. It is so sad and I am glad that there are organizations like these to try and stop animal abuse.

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7. Performances

When people see the animals perform in the circus, they see them as entertaining. However, the animals are really being ridiculed by their trainers. They are being scared by the whips their trainers use. There are supposedly educational values taught at the circus. How is hurting animals educational? Kids are learning how to hurt animals. They should be good to animals, not hurt them. But that’s not what the circus is showing the kids. Not only are the circuses teaching kids how to hurt the animals, but they lie about being involved in conservation. There has never been a circus elephant released into the wild. The sad thing is that I don’t think that these animals could ever survive in the wild. They were taken out of their natural habitats and away from their families at young ages, some even as young as one year old. They wouldn’t know what to do to survive. They have been beaten and tortured their whole lives. They would have no idea of what to do. It is sad that the animals’ natural instincts for living in the wild are gone. All they know is how to be dominated by people and how to be scared. They have lived through being tortured almost their entire lives. They will never know what happiness is like.

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8. What They Are Allowed to do

This article talks about a case where a husband and a wife were beating the animals. There were many counts of terrible abuse, but all they were left with was a fine, and they got to keep the animals. The animals were being prodded and hit. The animals were hit on the face many times with iron bars and pitchforks. They still got to keep the animals though. There were many other counts for abuse. It makes me very sad and mad to hear about this. They tortured the animals but they still got to keep them. They treated the animals terribly. It is a sick thing to hurt animals. It is not right and they should have gone to jail for it. People who do this shouldn’t get fined for this behavior. They should have a harsher punishment for it. It is very wrong to do this to animals. I can’t believe that these animals were put through this torture and their owners were not only just fined, but they got to keep the animals. The animals had to go back to the owners. What makes the court system think that these people wouldn’t hurt the animals again? They know that they can practically get away with hurting the animals.

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