Goal: This page is designed to raise awareness of the wrong doings of animal cruelty. I know many will oppose the issue and argue that they just use their fur, PETA makes crazy laws or that hunting is a pass time. But no living thing should be treated the way that these animals have been just for the mere satisfaction of a beautiful coat or for the pride of hunting it.

Entry 1:

My topic is Animal rights. This is something that I've never really researched or knew too much about, but know only some of the basics, in order to form an opinion. The first time my eyes were ever opened to the issue was in tenth grade when we had to do a persuasion project, and someone chose Animal cruelty. She showed a video of how they made fur coats and clothing, and how the animals are skinned alive and beaten. This amazed me and I couldn't watch. How could someone do that to anything living? I remember as a child growing up how my mom had fur jackets that I would tell myself, "I want one when i grow up." Now, after seeing how the final result is made, it has changed my mind. I don't understand why they couldn't use the fur or an already dead animal, rather than kill a living animal and torture it for its fur. Then a year later, in eleventh grade, my friend, Eli, is an animal rights activist. In a way he has rubbed off onto me influencing the way I think about the issue. Animal cruelty is any cruelty towards animals for testing, fur, beating etc. I hope to find out more on this issue than I know now and see the opposing side.


Entry 2:

McKinley,James. The New York Times, "Dogfighting Subculture Is Taking Hold in Texas." [[http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/07/us/07dogs.html ]] 5/2009 par. 9,12.

After reading this article, I learned a little more and broadened my knowledge on this topic. This story was about the secretive society in Texas of pit-bull fighters. Whenever I thought of animal cruelty, I never imagined dog fighting, i usually picture slaughtering for fur. Now after reading this article it makes me wonder how many people are doing stuff like this undercover without people noticing. The dogs are put through rigorous training six weeks before the actual fight. There forced to run on the treadmill and swim for long periods of time right after another. Then the day of the fight, they are starved to make them more vicious and are giving supplements and vitamins to build muscle. This article reminded me of the Michael Vick situation a year or so back when he was having illegal secretive dog fights. The reason why this is so cruel is because in order to get prepared for this fight the dogs are put through so much work and deprivation, only to be set up to fight till their death.

Entry 3:

Mason, James. IDA, "Animal Racing Facts." http://www.idausa.org/facts/racing.html 5/2009 par. 2,4,5,6.

I've been researching what is considered animal cruelty, and one caught my eye, and surprised me that it made the race, horse racing. I know they use those whips to make them go faster, and occasionally, the horse trip and fall and get hurt. But I just viewed it more as a similar race for a human cross country racer. What i didn't know was that the horse are raced around the age of two, before their bone structure is even developed, causing many injuries. Jockeys race horses year round on hard tracks which aren't good for their joints. Around 800 racehorses die each year from fatal injuries suffered on US racetracks. Approximately 3,566 have injuries so bad that they cannot finish their races. They feed them pain relievers to numb the pain, but by doing that, and forcing them to race, they only make their injuries worse. If the horse fails to win races, its brought to the slaughter house to be killed and its meat sold to countries or sent to the glue factory. For someone who goes to Saratoga racetrack each summer, reading this made me feel guilty for spending my money there, and supporting these actions. I will have to rethink the annual trip this summer. Heres a video of the injuries that occur during horse racing. http://www.metacafe.com/watch/1058444/dont_back_the_cruelty_horses/

Entry 4:Drape,Joe. The New York Times, State Police Horse Breeder With Animal Cruelty. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/11/sports/othersports/11horses.html?pagewanted=print 5/2009 par. 1,10,11

Ernie Paragallo, a thoroughbred breeder and owner was charger with 22 counts of animal cruelty. No living thing should go through the pain of malnutrition; bones showing, lice, skin infections, and parasites. NYRA wouldn't allow any other horses from that stable until it approves a new operating agent. This makes me upset that they would still consider it after all this. Even if he changed his ways and cleaned up his ways and got his horses healthy, there's no way to know what he's doing behind their backs and how he's treating the horses. If he had abused or starved the horses to being with, they shouldn't be allowed to be considered, he should only be punished. Like most people, he was driven by money, making millions of money off this business. This is truly unfair to these poor animals, and in most issues there's another side to the story, but with this issue, I honestly don't think there's any excuse, and it shouldn't happen regardless of anything anyone tries to say.
Entry 5: Machan, TIbor. Gale Cengage learing, Humans Ought to Use Nature to Serve Their Own Needs. http://find.galegroup.com/ovrc/retrieve.do?subjectParam=Locale%252C% 5/2009 par. 1,9,13

For the opposing side this article is basically showing the view that humans rights are greater than an animals and we have the right to utilize natural reasources. "It is right to exploit nature to promote our own lives and happiness." On the other hand its always been a crime to kill a young person even in defense of ones property, let alone wild prey. I think it all depends on the persons beliefs and morality.Since animals dont have a moral, he argues that they dont have the rights we posess. I dont necessarly agree, but I can see his point of view in some ways, but just becuase animals cannot speak up for themselves doesnt mean we should take advantage of them. Someone needs to speak up for them.

Entry 6: Steintrager, Megan. Gale Cengage Learning, Resturants Should Fight PETA's Anti-Meat Agenda. http://find.galegroup.com/ovrc/retrieve.do?subjectParam=Locale%2528en%252C%252C 5/2009 par. 2,4, 5, 6.

The high end Chicago sushi resturant, Heat, was rated very high and had "fresh" food. The one thing that was left unsaid was how fresh it truely was. The fish are served still alive, and the patrons are encouraged to behead the live fish. The fish is brought out fully alive with chunks ut out of the belly. PETA spoke up and many letters were written to Anti-cruelty Society in Chicago. The resturant argued that this is the common practice in Japan (to serve live fish thats killed tableside). These claims didn't change many peoples opinions, the resturant had only a few sushi-lover followers, but PETA won over many. Personally if you're going to eat the fish, dont torture it and bring it out from the kitchen for your customers to kill alive and see all the torture. Thats enough to lose your appetite.

Entry 7: ASPCA, Top 10 ways to Prevent Animal Cruelty. http://www.aspca.org/fight-animal-cruelty/top-10-ways-to-prevent-animal.html 5/2009 par. 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12.

1.Be aware: make phone calls, know whats going on around you, most of the abuse cases are only brought to ASPCA attention from concerned neighbors.
2.Reconize Animal Cruelty: Wounds, infestation of lice untreated, patches of missing hair, animal left without food or water
3. Who to Call: Police, ASPCA, Humane Law enforcement, animal control.
4. Provide All Information: Whose involved, when, where, and the date.
5.Call/Write: To your local law, its a crime.
6.Know your States Law: Cruelty laws vary from state to state. Different penatlties and laws for each state and even cities.
7. Try to pass laws: Try to fight for the passage of anti-cruelty laws on federal, local and state levels.
8. Set the Example: Show your animals love and care and set a good example for others around you. If you abuse your animals, your friends/family might be influenced by you.
9. Talk to Kids: Kind of the same as 8. Teach your kids how to be a good care taker and treat animals with care and respect.
10. Support local shelter: Giving animals a chance and a good life. Rescue groups and shelters help a lot.

Entry 8: No abuse, Through Their Eyes, The National Animal Abuse Registry. http://www.inhumane.org/ 5/2009 par. 1,2,

There are 75 million dogs and 90 million cats that are house hold pets in the United States. If those household pets are being abused, and theres a child as well in the family, then chances are the childs being abused as well. A child that is committing animal abuse will also most likely grow up to committ other violent crimes. Theres evidence that most murders and violent criminals have had started out abusing their own pets. There was a study at Northeastern that stated that 70% of animal abusers had comitted atleast 1 other crime and 40% had comitted violent crimes agaisnt humans. "30% of convicted child molesters and 48% of convicted rapists admitted animal cruelty in their childhood."

Committee: Senate
Author: Morgan Ryan
Bill No: A1840

Title of Bill: The Animal Freedom Act
Be It Enacted By The U.S. Senate


Preamble: Whereas animals aren’t seen to have the same rights as humans, they should have a voice and therefore this bill speaks for them. No living thing should be treated with the cruelty displayed by certain people. Animals deserve the same level of respect as humans.

Section 1: Major businesses should be checked and evaluated monthly to make sure they pass the exam of treating animals kindly.
(restaurants, fashion designers, horse racing tracks etc.) If they find anything out of order, they should be shut down.

Section 2: Give people who have known to abuse animals a punishment; jail time for at least 5 years. While in jail give counseling so they don't commit more violent crimes like statistics state happens.

Section 3: Create another organization other than ASPCA that patrols around cities to check out house holds other than just the ones that are suspected because many go unnoticed.

Section 4: This bill shall be enacted as soon as its passed.

Explaination: This bill needs to be passed because its an important issue that needs to be addressed because its still a problem.

For Further Research: If i had more time and opportunities to further my research I would look into how the ASPCA punishes people to what degree. See how much of an extent they take it to and if its a good enough job.