Preventing Child Abuse

My Goal:

to raise awareness about Child Abuse and to show the immediate effects as well as the long term effects of Child Abuse. Through this blog I hope to educate people on the classic signs of child abuse and encourage them to report when they see a child being mistreated. I also hope to make them more aware of the seriousness of this heartbreaking issue.

I chose the topic of Child Abuse because it is something that happens all the time and it needs to be stopped. While I know it is impossible to stop it from happening completely, I know that it is possible to raise awareness about child abuse so that it can be limited. Many of us don’t like to think about it happening and so we try to forget it does. There is no child out there that deserves to be abused. I wanted to learn more about what is being done to raise awareness because I have a lot of little cousins as well as two nieces and a nephew and I would hate to see anything happen to them. Through this blog project I hope to raise awareness about how child abuse can be prevented. I have heard too many stories about children being abused and I don’t want to have to hear this kind of news. I know we are not perfect people and so we don’t act perfectly but we can do all we can to make this imperfect world a little better for the children that will come after us.

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It isn’t April (National Child Abuse Prevention Month) but we can still Raise Awareness about Child Abuse and neglect. Some things you may not have considered about child abuse is that it leads to a lot of other problems such as; long term health and mental health problems, drug addiction, runaways, juvenile violence and adult crimes. The most violent prisoners in jails were the ones that were abused or neglected as children said Morahan in his article. Another surprising fact is how much New York State spends on dealing with the results of Child abuse. New York State spends over $2.3 billion a year to help care for these children and give them what they need whether it’s for the immediate effects or the long-term. Just think $2.3 BILLION that is a lot of money. It is wonderful that they are helping the children but if the children weren’t being abused in the first place, New York State could be putting that money towards all kinds of other things that would benefit our state rather than cleaning up the mess of those that are abusing innocent children.

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Some good news on this topic of child abuse is that the rate of Child maltreatment in the U.S. has decreased in 2009 for three years in a row. The decrease was small, but a decrease is better than increasing! However, the number of fatalities from abuse is rising. More than 80 percent of the fatalities were 3 years old or younger. I am very glad to hear that the number of children being abused is decreasing but even one child being abused is too many and it is very sad to see that the amount of children being abused is increasing. This goes to show that even if not as many children are being abused, the ones that are must be getting abused more violently because more are dying. It is NOT okay that innocent children are dying because of abuse. Part of the reason why the rates of child maltreatment are decreasing could be because people are just not reporting it whenever it is happening. Child Abuse is something that MUST be reported. We all need to stop and take a minute to put ourselves in the shoes of a child being abused. If someone was hurting you and you knew other people could see it, wouldn’t you want them to help you? I know I would! Most children are too afraid to say anything because they are afraid they are going to get abused more so if you ever see a child being abused repot it!

Do You Suspect Abuse or Maltreatment?
Report it Now!

Call our Statewide Toll Free Telephone Number:

If you believe that a child is in immediate danger, call 911 or your local police department.

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After reading that Governor Paterson wanted to make a significant decrease in funding for child abuse prevention (35% less for home visiting services and %10 percent less for the William B. Hoyt Memorial Children and Family Trust Fund) I was very upset. My mind was flooded with questions like who would want to take funding away from preventing children from getting abused? Why would they want to take money from innocent children that can’t save themselves from the horrible situations they are put in and rely on others for help? But then in the next sentence of the article it says “But Prevent Child Abuse New York’s voice was heard loud and clear.” Their moto was that kids can’t wait for a better budget year and they made their point! I know that in our day and age money is tight but can we really put a price on a child’s life? We hear all the time that children are our future and it’s true, when we are gone it is those that are little children now that are going to have to run this country. If they are being abused that will just point their lives into a dark future and make life miserable for them and the people they are living around and interacting with.

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When Abused Children Have Their Own Children



A story was found on ABC News/ PRIMETIME about a young man, Nick Schiavone that was once abused by his father and he was scared of him. Now Nick has two children and he is raising them on his own. He tries very hard not to abused them but every once and a while he can’t control his temper.

"I will slap the crap out of you!" Schiavone yelled, with cameras rolling, after the boy threw a rubber toy at his face.

ABC has been following three parents in Florida that were abused as children and are now parents themselves. Studies show that it is more likely for parents to abuse their children if they were abused as children.
This is exactly what I want to stop from happening. Just as these parents are trying to break this cycle of abuse I want to stop it too. People need to know that what they do to their children will affect them in the long term. Children that are abused will be much more likely to abuse their own children. As hard as they try parents parent as they were parented. It’s the facts. This horrible cycle of abuse needs to be stopped. If people realized the damage they were doing I have the hope to believe they would stop abusing their children. Children shouldn’t have to fear coming home from school or if they are safe in their own bed. Youth is one of the most precious things we can have and it shouldn’t be a fearful experience.

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"I just want to kill him," Colquhoune said after a run-in with one of her grandsons. "I just want to pick up one of them pots right there and smash his damn head. ... If you discipline the children the way I would discipline, they'd a put me in jail, in prison."

This womens grandchildren are 10, 9 and 6 years old. Their mother is in and out of jail and the father is sometimes in their life and sometimes not. That in itself is a horrible situation for children to have to grow up in and then on top of that they have a Grandma that is abusive. She tries to raise her grandchildren without force but when she gets overwhelmed she goes back to the way she was raised. Reading what she had to say about her grandchildren and the physical as well as mental abuse that she puts them through is horrible. These poor children don’t have any other place to go and their Grandma doesn’t even give them a safe environment to live in. This story is a positive one though because the Grandma did take the responsibility to get help so that she didn’t abuse her Grandchildren anymore. I like that she went to get help because it shows hope for other stories. While some people might not have that will power in them to go get the help they need, this women did. I wish more people would be like this women, realizing they have something they need to change and then actually going out and doing something about it. Since more people are not like this, awareness needs to be made about the seriousness of child abuse. Kids learn from example and when they are brought up in a home filled with abuse the house they will have someday has a great chance of being filled with abusive actions too.

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Some more shocking facts on child abuse. We all know it happens but do we really know how much it happens? In a 2010 study brought out by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration on children, Youth and Families Children’s Bureau there were 772,000 children abused in 2008. This is only the ones reported so there would be many more non-reported cases. Also within those children abused many were abused for more than one thing, there is Physical abuse, Emotional Child abuse, and Childhood Neglect.
Physical Abuse: it includes some form of physical discipline to help the child learn right from wrong yet physical abuse creates extreme fear. Physical discipline is made to help the child learn acceptable behavior.

Emotional Child Abuse: this includes humiliating the child as well as belittling or constantly yelling at the child. Emotional child abuse can also result from the child seeing the parent or guardian physically abuse someone else or the family pet.

Childhood Neglect: this is when the basic needs of the child such as food, shelter, or supervision are not given to them. These children are not cared for properly and it causes the child to have bad hygiene and not a good living environment.

Child abuse in its most extreme form causes death. In 2008 the bureau reported that 1,740 children were killed by their abusers. That is 1,740 futures taken away. That is 1,740 children that will never get to help make the world better or find a new medicine. That is 1,740 lives that will never get to raise their own children and experience all the joys of life. One innocent life is too many to be taken away and here in 2008 there was 1,740 lives taken away. When we think about how much one person can make a difference in the world imagine all we are missing in 1,740 lives being taken away. While not all of these children would have made positive changes in the world I would like to think most of them would. When thinking about how much my nieces and nephew mean to my family I can’t even imagine the aunts/ uncles, grandparents, and other relatives that have lost the children in their life. So much joy would be taken out of their lives and it is so sad to think that those abusing their children don’t see how many people they would hurt before they hurt the child so much that it dies.

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The Responsibility of Bystanders to Child Abuse

How many times have you seen something that doesn’t look right and not done anything about it? I know I am guilty of doing the same thing. Many bystanders see a child being abused and do nothing about it because they don’t want to get involved or intrude on the parenting of the parents. By not standing up for the child I feel you are just as much a part of the abuse than the solution to stopping it. Children that are being abused need help. Many of the children being abused are too scared to go for help because they know that if they get caught they will get abused more. This is where the bystanders come in. If you ever see a child getting abused or you know of it going on SAY SOMETHING! Don’t let the fear of getting in the parents business scare you off. By not saying anything or reporting it you are causing more harm to the child when you could be helping. Child abusers can be anyone, any age, gender, race and from any level of education. Children are more likely to be abused by their own parents than a stranger. When a child is abused once, it is more and more likely to happen again. This means that a child does not get abused one time and then it stops.

How to help:
Make an anonymous call to the National Child Abuse Hotline (1-800-4-A-Child). Here counselors work with the person needing help to talk about their problems and work through them as well as suggest alternative ways to deal with their children.

Parents Anonymous is a support group that meets once a week around the country to help people with their parenting. This is a free support group and members can stay in as long as they wish.

We all want to make a positive change in the world and help someone out. Around the holiday season we see a really good side of people; donating to charity, helping out more, buying something for a stranger or helping a stranger out when you see they are in need. Why can’t we have this all the time? When I see these websites that want to help out I wish there was a way that more people could see them not just if they were looking them up. Here people are trying to make a difference for children being abused and its time we all start doing something to help the children. From my blog postings I hope you have found some ways to help and prevent child abuse. Child Abuse is something that should never ever happen but it is and it is something that we need to be more aware of so that we can stop it!

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Warning....This video shows very graphic pictures but is real and shows what is truly going on in our world today!

If you made it through the youtube video, this one is much better to watch, enjoy!
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