Blog/Entry 1: Pre-research extravaganza!!

My personal views are that religion and the government should be two establishments separated by planets!!! Political figures shouldn't make choices based on their personal beliefs, they should make logical choices that will benefit society. Now don't get me wrong, many political leaders don't let their religion make their decisions, but countries that won't befriend other countries because of religious believes are in the wrong, especially if both countries will gain.

I believe religion should abolished as a whole. Would the attack on the World Trade Centers have happened if everyone in the world was a Christian?

The more we separate religious beliefs and governmental establishments, the better America could play a part as a world leader. Ultimately, we would become more tolerable of others views and cultures, and we might even stop trying to impose our way of life on other nations.

My goal: Research on how religion is impedeing into our government, and create a piece of legislature that fixes this problem.
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Entry 2: Barack Osama?!?!?!?!

Obama a Muslim? Check it out

As I'm sure most of you noticed during the 2008 election, the media constantly questioned whether or not President Obama is/was a Muslim. My question to you is "why does anyone care?" Under the first amendment, everyone has the freedom to choose a religion, or even be an atheist, and still run for any office, including president. I would have preferred Obama to be a Muslim, it would have shown that America truly practices what we preach. Electing an African-American, that isn't a Christian, to the office of president would have been the epitome of America's famed equal rights movements (if this person were a woman as well).

I believe, and I'm sure most of you agree, that the American fear of the Islamic religion stems from the attacks on the World Trade Centers. But what most people don't realize is that Islam and Christianity are branches on the same religious "tree". People think "Allah" is different than "God" but they are one in the same. Its just a different language. The French word for god is "deiu" but it still means god. The basic difference between Islam and Christianity is that one believes Muhammad is the prophet and one believes Jesus is the prophet. They both still preach for peace and good will towards others.

So I question once again, "why do people care about Obama's religion?" The fact that some people might not have voted for him because of the allegations that he was Muslim is ridiculous. Obama was the better choice and the people proved that by electing him. And I'm sure that he would have won even more votes had religion never been a factor.
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Blog Enrty 3: I Swear…

Who's Hasn't Been Sworn in on a Bible? Find Out

Most of you are accustomed to hearing about presidents raising their rights hands and putting their left hands on the Bible. But the constitution never states that a bible is necessary, and there have been a few presidents that have chosen not to be sworn in on the bible. Although, for the most part, every elected official is sworn in on a bible. Many presidents have also chosen to add the words "so help me God" after they're sworn in, even though its not in the constitution.

The problem I have with presidents being sworn in on a bible is that its like stabbing America in the back. When Presidents take an oath on the bible they are promising their church that they'll do a good job as president. They should be promising the people of America that they will uphold the office of president to the best of their abilities.

I propose that a constitutional amendment be made, stating that the all federal elected officials be sworn in on the Constitution. Taking an oath on the most powerful document in our history, the document our founding fathers created stating that we are a nation and this is how we should be run, the document that laid down the requirements on what it takes to become president in the first place, is a very powerful thing. It shows that a president is fully committed to his country, and it’s the first step in pulling all religious influence out of our government.

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Blog Entry 4: The More, The Merrier:
The Facts about Polygamy
Right now, there is an estimated 60,000 practicing polygamists in the state of Utah (5% of Utah’s Mormon population). While they, as well as the community, might see their many marriages as legitimate, the government has outlawed polygamy. One way around the legal system, suggested by my article, was to not obtain a marriage license for any marriage because its not illegal for an unmarried man to live with as many woman as he wants.

While I feel that having multiple wives shouldn’t get you more benefits from the government, I do feel that it should be legal. Granted, there is a difference between polygamy and bigotry. Polygamists are aware that their spouse is married to another person and they accept it. Bigotry is marriage where both spouse aren’t aware they are married to the same person. And bigotry should be outlawed.

The point I’m attempting to make is that the government shouldn’t be telling us how our religion works. If the Mormon people believe that to end up in heaven they need to have multiple spouse, then so be it. Government regulation on religion is like the government trying to regulate our imagination. Its not right have someone else telling us what to believe in or how to believe it.

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Blog Entry 5:

According to my article, 80% of all private schools are religiously backed. Yet, they all receive funding from the state and federal government. I believe that this is wrong. Our government shouldn't back religious establishments, even if they are schools. That 's basically saying "Everyone has the right to choose their religion, but we, as a government, like this religion, so we'll give them money." Although the government did say that every parent has the right to send their kids to a private school, and that their children are free to practice any religion. But this is where the government has failed us.

Recently, a senior at a religious private school accompanied his girlfriend, who goes to a public school, to a dance. The students religious school is strictly against dances, and other fun activities. The student was then suspended from school, is going to miss his graduation ceremony, and will have to make up all his final exams.

This is the one instant that I believe the government should intervene into when it comes to religion. A persons basic right to choose his beliefs is being challenged, and the law is being broken. The school does not have the right to tell a student what to believe in, and its the government's responsibility to uphold the constitution and allow every member of this nation to practice religion without being punished.

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Entry 6:
See the Other Point of View
Recently, I came across I different view on the why the church and state should be separate that I found quite interesting. All along my view has been that the by intertwining our government with any religious affiliation, we would only ended up harming our legal system and the people of our nation. After reading the above article, I’ve found a different reason for the separating these establishments. The church is actually being hurt as well.

By aligning itself with a political organization, the church is also exposing itself to the dangers of politics. If their politician turns out to be corrupt, then the church will look bad for backing them. As the article said, without political influence religion “flourishes”. Another good point the article brought up is that if the government controlled religion, then they tell the church how to run, and they takes the religion part out of religion. Religion is a personal belief, and having the government control it would only “marginalize it and make it less dynamic.”

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Entry 7:

I recently came across an article (Thanks to Katie McQuade) callled "Jesus Killed Mohammed". It's an article about all the religious persecution that’s happening in the US military. Now, I didn't actually get a chance to read the article but I found a site that highlighted the main points of the article and I was shocked at what is occurring. There are prominent military commanders forcing their views of Christianity on their troops, and it’s a direct violation of our first amendment rights. A lieutenant even gave a speech in which he stated '"Christian soldiers must always consider themselves behind enemy lines, even within the ranks, because every unsaved member of the military is a potential agent of `spiritual terrorism.'"

Claiming that non-Christian members of the military are spiritual terrorists is outrageous. Not only is it undermining the principles that everyone is this nation has the freedom of religion, but its harming the military because there is less unity among the ranks of soldiers and is causing a harmful environment when this troops need to be at the top of their game because they are in combat.

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Entry 8: Grand Finale!

Well, after researching my topic (separation of church and state) I am even more convinced that having any religious influences acting on our government and its establishments is very bad! This blog has opened my eyes to the fact that there are even more things being influenced then I thought, like our military and prisons. But I also found out that the government is hurting religion as much as religion is hurting our government. Religious practices like polygamy are being regulated by the government, and although the government has the right to keep its citizens safe, some laws that hold back religion is just ridiculous. Religious leaders can also look bad when aligning themselves with political figures. And while it may hard to remove all religious influence from our governing bodies, I believe it will become easier as our generation moves to take the reins of the world, seeing as we are already more worldly then are elders.
If this blog continued, I believe I would only uncover more instants of religion intertwined with our government and the negative effects it poses on both. I also believe I would boil the issue down to the very issue of creationism vs. evolution, and how history continues to show that any ruling body can't be involved with religion because it only ends badly.

Princeton Model Congress 2007

Committee to Oversee the Writing of the “Separation of Church and State Enactment” Bill
Principal Author:
Evan Cobb
Bill No:

Title of Bill:
Separation of Church and State Enactment

Be It Enacted By The Princeton Model Congress


Preamble: Whereas the separation of government and religious establishments needs to be more discreet, and since polygamy is illegal, and since there is federal and state funding for religious backed schools, and since people’s right to freedom of religion is being violated in said schools and the U.S. military.

SECTION 1: Let polygamy be legalized throughout the United States.
Sub-SECTION A: Polygamy is defined as the marriage of one man or women to
multiple spouses, whereas every spouses is aware of, and accepts,
that their spouse has multiple spouses.
Sub-SECTION B: Bigotry is still illegal and defined as a man or woman with
more then one spouse, and who’s spouses aren’t aware of each others
Sub-SECTION C: Any practicing polygamist receives state and federal benefits
for only one of their marriages and/or families.

SECTION 2: Let all religious backed schools to receive no funding from the state or federal governments.
Sub-SECTION A: Whereas “religious backed school” refers to any school,
public or private, that has a curriculum that teaches any religion to the
extent that it’s a “religion class” and not to be confused with a history class
that touches on how a religion works.
Sub-SECTIONB: Whereas “religious backed school” can also refer to any
school, public or private, that is funded, sponsored, or has any affiliation or
alignment with a church, or religious group.
Sub-SECTION C: Whereas “religious backed school” can also refer to any
school, public or private, that insists its students all be of one religion.

SECTION 3: Let all religious backed school, as defined in SECTION 2, be investigated, (and if found guilty, put into the control of the state) if they are accused of violating a students right to freedom of religion.
Sub-SECTION A: Whereas “violating a students right to freedom of religion”
includes, but is not limited to, punishment for choosing to reject the schools
religion, punishment for choosing to believe in a religion not held by the
school and any other acts in which students rights to free religion are being
Sub-SECTION B: Whereas “punishment” as used in Sub-SECTION A, is defined
as, but not limited to, detention, suspension, and/or explosion from school,
not allowing a student to participate in clubs, activities, dances, graduation,
or any school sponsored events, intentional failing a student, and/or
unfavorable/discrimination type treatment.
Sub-SECTION C: Whereas refusing admittance to said school because of
religion should also be investigated as set down by SECTION 3.
Sub-SECTION D: Whereas any school found guilty of violating a students right
to freedom of religion, as defined by Sub-SECTION A, should be
immediately turned over to state control, and the state may choose to
transform the school into a non-religious backed school, or close it.

SECTION 4: Let any military personal found guilty of violating the right to religious freedom of any fellow member of the military, or any persons in which foreign country they are stationed, be punished to the full extent of the United States law.
Sub-SECTION A: Whereas “violating the right to religious freedom of any
fellow member of the military, or any persons in which foreign country they
are stationed” be defined as, but not limited to, hazing, or any other physical
act of violence, for believing in a different religion, directly ordering a
conversion of religion whereas punishment will be enacted if the order is not
followed, and banning the practice of all other religions.
Sub-SECTION B: Whereas any member of the military found guilty will be
immediately be discharged from the army, as well as being punished by
United States law.

SECTION 5: Let this bill be enacted 91 days after passage.
Sub-SECTION 5: Whereas the terms laid down by SECTION 2 be enacted at the
adoption of next years school budget.

My bill is aimed at the federal government because they are the ones who have power over things like the military, federal laws about polygamy, and federal funding for schools. But I also have it aimed at the states as well, when I say that state funding of religious backed schools should be banned. While its more plausible that state level legislature could adopt certain parts of this bill, I aimed it at the federal level because that’s where most of the issues I’m concerned with lie.