My Goal; To inform others about the dangers and harm cyber bullying can cause others. Also to give ideas of how to prevent cyber bullying in the future.

Cyber Bullying


Over the course of the years bullying has become more of an issue between kids, mainly within the high school and junior high levels. Kids are bullied each day, whether it be verbally, or through other actions. Cyber Bullying is a form of bullying by use of technologies. I believe that bullying is one of the worst things that can take place within a community. Bullying can hurt kids, mentally and emotionally. Through cyber bullying kids can say hurtful messages to one another, and those messages will be between just the two who are holding the conversation. For this reason cyber bullying is more secretive, unless the person being bullied shows others what is taking place within the conversations. Cyber Bullying can take place anywhere, whenever someone is near a computer, or cell phone, they could potentially be sending hurtful messages. I believe that bullies are insecure with themselves, therefore they feel the need to hurt others to make themselves feel better. By sending a nasty text, or humiliating them on an internet site bullies can pick on a certain someone. It may make them feel better by hurting others, but what is it doing to the person being hurt?


What is Cyber Bullying?
Cyber Bullying is defined as a type of bullying between children, preteens, and teens who are threatened, harassed, or otherwise targeted via technologies such as the internet or texting. Cyber Bullying, unlike bullying is a reoccurring problem. When bullying takes place within school, or a public place it is usually stopped and prevented from happening again. Whereas cyber bullying can take place on more then one account, until the child gets an adult involved it remains cyber bullying between two minors.

How Cyber Bullying works

There are two different types of cyber bulling, direct bullying which is threatening messages sent directly to the target, or bullying by proxy which is when others are used to help cyber bully the target without the accomplice's knowledge. Bullying by proxy is the worse of the two because it often tends to bring adults into the scenario.

Why Cyber Bullying?

There are many different reasons why cyber bullying occurs. Some may be out of anger, or revenge. Others may do it for pure entertainment, or to get a laugh out of their friends. Also insecurity can play a part in bullying. The bully may feel insecure, and when they put others down it makes them feel better about themselves.

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Bullying Stats.

Based on 1,5000 students in the elementary and middle school levels in the 2003-2004 school year.
  • 42% of kids have been cyber bullied online, 1 in 4 have had it happen numerous times.
  • 58% said they have recieved hurtful messages online, over 4 out of 10 say it has occurred more than once.
  • 53% have confessed to threatening/hurting someone online, 1 out of 3 have repeated these actions.
  • 58% have not confronted their parents or an adult about the online threats.

Based on 13,000 students in grades pre k to high school in the 2005-2006 year

  • 22% know someone who has been cyber bullied.
  • 19% confessed to cyber bullying someone else.
  • 90% of middle school students have been hurt by cyber bullying.
  • 40% have had their personal online websites hacked and changed by someone.
  • 15% of these students parents said they knew what cyber bullying was.

This is just some statistics from previous school years, in some aspects cyber bullying has continued to increase whereas other areas have recently decreased. However until the statistics become 0% in all categories cyber bullying will still be an issue. There are groups that attempt to deal with and discuse the dangers of cyber bullying, as well as officers and speakers who travel to schools to try to inform students about the issue. There are ways to prevent cyber bullying, and also serious effects of cyber bullying if it is not prevented.

Cyberbullying Statistics
Cyberbullying Statistics

Cyberbullying Statistics

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Signs of Cyber Bullying

Depressed Child
Depressed Child

Depressed Child

There are a few different types of signs people can look for in a person to see if they may be being cyber bullied. Some of the signs are along the secretive lines where kids hide what is taking place on the internet by;
  • Long hours being spent on the computer
  • Closes the windows when someone else enters the room
  • Doesn't share with others about internet activities
  • Does homework on the computer but is constantly chatting and doing other tasks

Other signs of cyber bullying are more serious than the obvious reasons such as the ones listed before. These signs are behavioral signa that cannot automatically target cyber bullying, but can certainly be signs that one is being bullied. Some of the signs are;
  • Gets behind in school work due to multitasking on the internet
  • Wont say who they are talking to
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Stomach and Headaches
  • Lack of eating, and increase vomiting
  • Fear of leaving the house / going out with friends
  • low self-esteem
  • change in attitude, dress, and normal habits
  • excessive crying for no specific reasons

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Rachael's Story

Cyber bullying has effected many kids worldwide. Each issue has a different effect on a differnet kid, some worse than others. One of the more dangerous effects on kids who have been cyber bullied is suicide. In the fall of 2006 a 17 year old, Rachael Neblett took her own life due to threatening messages she was recieving through myspace. Rachael was an all around athletic, bubbly, warm hearted girl. She attended Billett East High School where she was on the cheerleading and gymnastics team. Standing at a little less than 5 feet tall Rachael was the cute bubbly girl that everyone wanted to be friends with. She was very close to her friends and family, and told them just about everything, except the situation that caused this teen to take her life. In the summer of 06' Rachael began recieving threatening messages on her myspace from and anonymous person. The messages continued to go on, and as they did they became more threatening. As she continued to recieve these messahes Rachael decided to confide in her friends and older sister, who would go on to tell her parents about what was occurring. Her parents became worried and notified the school who tried to track down the person, but with little proof and evidence there wasnt much the school could do. This continued into the fall of 06', and on October 9th after she recieved what would be the last threat, Rachael took her own life. The last message from her bully said "I'm not going to put you in the hospital, I'm gunna put you in the morgue." Afraid to go out with her friends, and even to school, Rachael began to fear her life, which cause this loving little teen to take her life.
After reading this article it shocks me to read that someone my age would take their own life. I cant imagine considering ending my life at this time, nor can I imagine the fear and experience if I were being threatened by someone. Although I don't exactly know what I would do in this situation, I feel like I would have tried to take more precautions to prevent this from further happening. Also I wouldn't have kept this from my parents, I would have told someone right away and tried to locate the person doing this to me. I feel as though there should be more privact options on myspace, and after this event took place myspce should be notified and something should be done to secure the users safety so an issue like this doesn't happen again. As far as the schools role in this situation, I know they tried catching who was doing this to Rachael however I feel as though they didnt do enough to protect her. School is a place where you go to socialize with others, and learn, it is a community in which you should feel safe in, not one that you should fear going to each day. If some of these procautions were taken, and a little more effort was made on the school, parents, and myspace part Rachael may have felt a little more safe, and who knows, maybe she would still be here today. The bottom line is no matter what the effects are cyber bullying is not okay, and clearly it takes place on all internet spots. More safety precautions should be made to protect the users from bullies like this one.

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external image Rachael.jpg
external image Rachael.jpg

Rachael Neblett

Attempts to solve Cyber Bullying

About a year ago, in April 2009 a new bill was introduced to the House of Representatives. Linda Sanchez was the representative of this bill which would attempt to prevent cyber bullying by making it punishable by fine and up to two years in prison. After the bill was brought to the House, it was decided that in order to rightfully prove the single person or persons who cyber bullied there would need to be a judge and a jury. In this case the judge and jury members would have to find some sort of evidence to prove that this person was in fact doing the bullying.
A member of the anti-cyberbullying movement and a lawyer, Parry Aftab says that “We have existing harassment statues in all 50 states that already cover this problem, we don’t need Linda Sanchez’s law.” Many don’t feel this bill is needed, and that is to broad a topic to be posed as a law. Another man named John Morris said “cyber bullying is a local problem best solved at the local level.” Many disagree with this bill, however there are some who feel this bill is needed in order to stop the threats that are taking place within networking sites. However even if this bill were to make it to congress many believe it would not have the potential to hold up in court.
The bill states that “using electronic means to support severe, repeated and hostile behavior.” Although I feel something should be done to further prevent cyber bullying, I don’t think this is the way to go. This bill is pretty much saying that anyone who even states harsh criticism on the internet could be at fault, and that’s not what we’re looking to accomplish. There should be a law that focuses strictly on cyber bullying rather than all harsh statements made on the internet.

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Megan Meier's Prevention Act

Megan Meier was 13 when she took her life due to an incident that took place on myspace. All her life Megan had dealt with obesity, depressing, and ADHD. Megan always struggles with her appearance and worked hard at getting her weight down, she wanted to feel pretty. So when Megan got a myspace message from a Josh Evans, she was thrilled, a boy wanted to talk to her! They continued talking, and soon became friends, but one day something seemed a little fishy. Josh made a comment to her saying that everyone hated her and that she was a mean girl. Upset Megan replied and the conversation continued to become out of hand. Soon messages and bulletins were posted on myspace about Megan and how she was a "slut" and "fat." Megan was so upset that she went to her room one October night after the hurtfull messages continued and hung herself. Distraught, her parents didn't know what to do, they went to counseling sessions, and discussion groups, but nothing seemed to heal the pain. Somone had caused her daughter to take her own life, and all they wanted to know was why? When Megan's parents tried to contact Josh Evan his myspace suddenly no longer existed. It wasn't until another mother in their neighborhood told the Meier's who had been involved in such a prank. It was the mother of one of Megan's ex-friends. She has created a myspace account known as 16 year old Josh Evans and began to talk to Megan.
Today there is bill in Megan's name that was established to stop bullying and cyber bullying. Megan was a happy girl, born into a loving family, although she was taking some medication she still had plans for the future, and wanted to carry out a normal happy life for herself.
I believe that the fact that a mother who had a daughter Megan's age did this to another child is awful, cyber bullying between kids is bad enough, but when an adult gets involved it become immature and just completely wrong. While I am not glad that an issue like this happened, I am glad the government acted upon it in the way that they did. I feel it still gives Megan a place in this world even when she isn't physically here.

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external image megan_meier_screen_grab.jpg
external image megan_meier_screen_grab.jpg

"The Story of Megan Meier." Tina Meier, n.d. Web. 13 Jan. 2010.

How you can prevent cyber bullying

As statistics show, many kids either have been cyber bullied, have cyber bullied someone else, or know someone who has been cyber bullied. Although it is something no one wants to admit, cyber bullying is constantly occurring, whether it be a few hurtful words via text, or awful threats through the internet, cyber bullying is taking place all over. Now there is no 100% chance you will never encounter cyber bullying, but there are ways to try and prevent it from happeing. The top ten was to prevent cyber bullying are as follows;
  1. Don't ever encourage others to use the internet as a way to bully others.
  2. If you have nothing nice to say to a person who is on IM or email, or any other form of internet chatting, don't say it at all.
  3. Don't post anything like pictures or videos that could embarrasse someone else.
  4. If you know of someone who is being cyber bullied, tell someone.
  5. Don't participate in sending threatening messages to someone else.
  6. Don't send emails or IM's using inappropriate language.
  7. Don't send or publish anry toned messages online.
  8. Follow family rules about using the computer.
  9. Also follow school rules about using the computer.
  10. If you are the victim of cyber bullying, let someone know.
Seeing as how cyber bullying is an issue within many communitites I feel this prevention list is a helpful one, especially to those who feel they could potentionally be cyber bullied or partake in cyber bullying at some point in time.
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external image header.jpg

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